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Below you will find two categories of sailings. 

Private= You purchase the boat's entire capacity for the given sailing

Public= You purchase a single bunk or seat for the given sailing

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At Sail Anacortes we believe in all hands on deck. It takes a team to sail our ship and we count on the enthusiasm of our guests to help us by pulling a halyard, taking the helm, or keeping a watch. Learning the lines is all part of the experience of sailing a traditional schooner. Don't worry, we are not talking about hard labor, just occasional involvement. If you have absolutely no interest in helping out- make sure to check the box in your booking form to have a crew added to your charter. Some sailings may include an extra fee. If you have more questions about the physicality of sailing, please call before booking. 

Upon booking you will receive an email with further information, be sure to check your spam folder.