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Here are some frequently asked questions. If you dont see the answer you are looking for please reach out for clarification. 


Please bring whatever food and beverage you enjoy most. We would rather let you set the menu and the price than suffer our best efforts! We do ask that you refrain from bringing red wine on the boat as it stains the wood. 


PNW natives have mastered the art of "layering". Even in the summer, conditions can be variable and temps can drop quickly on the water. Please layer accordingly. Once aboard- shoes are optional. Please refrain from wearing marking soles. 


The PWN is known for its variable weather conditions. You skipper will not cancel your sailing unless they feel that it is not safe to precede. Please do not request a cancellation for rain- we know how to have a good time in all conditions. 

Alcohol Policy

You're on a boat! You deserve to have a drink if you like. Please refrain from overconsumption of alcohol. Sailing is inherently dangerous and unpredictable behaviors will not be tolerated onboard. Your skipper will not hesitate to end your charter if you or anyone in your party display poor behavior. 


You dont have to be a D1 athlete to enjoy one of our sailings but there are some some physical demands to be aware of.  We use a small skiff to access our schooner, guests will need to be able to board the skiff from a dock and then step/climb out of the skiff onto the schooner. If you can walk 100 yards, climb a small ladder, and squat down and stand back up then you should have no concern. If these items are a concern, you can request a dockside pickup during booking. Please do not abuse this feature as it is a limited resource and reserved for those with mobility issues. 

Cancellation Policy 

If you chose to cancel your sailing for any reason outside of 48 hrs to departure- You will receive a gift certificate for %50  of the purchase value. If you chose to cancel within 48 hrs of your sailing time there is no refund. We would love to be more accommodating but our summer schedule is very competitive and we can not entertain "space saving" reservations and we can not afford lost revenue for calendar spaces that are not likely to rebook on short notice.  Any reservation cancelled by Sail Anacortes for weather etc.. will receive a full refund. Thanks for your understanding. 

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